ice cream

When Catie saw the Buzzfeed list of the best ice cream places in every state, we knew that we had to try all of them. If you have been to any great ice cream places or disagree with their choices (like we do with Missouri!), let us know and we’ll check your recommendations out.

Arkansas: Scoops

We were surprised that this little place in a storefront in Hot Springs was the most popular ice cream shop in Arkansas. Christie became even more skeptical when we saw the sign on the door that they didn’t take credit cards but, once we got some cash from the bank across the street, we went back and got a couple of scoops. We were really impressed – the ice cream was REALLY good and we would definitely stop back in here if we were in Hot Springs.

Illinois: The Plush Horse

This was the first ice cream place on the list that we tried, and it was a great start because it was really cool! It’s in a small town in Illinois that we had to drive far from the highway between St. Louis and Chicago to get to, but it was packed when we got there. The ice cream was pretty good, but the store itself was really unique. They had at least 4 freezers worth of ice cream flavors, a real giant plush horse, and lots of choices on the menu (shakes, sundaes, etc.).

Louisiana: Creole Creamery

We were in a great mood when we went to Creole Creamery because we were in New Orleans and having a GREAT time. That said, this place was cute with a lot of flavor choices, but the ice cream wasn’t exceptional. Christie got the chocolate orange and thought that it was plain chocolate until she was about halfway done. Catie’s on the other hand was delicious – she got chocolate peanut butter and there was so much peanut butter in it that the consistency was completely different than that of normal ice cream. It was fun to try this, but next time we’re in New Orleans I think we’ll stick with Sno-Balls!

Mississippi: Area 51 Ice Cream

Area 51

We stopped at the best ice cream place in Mississippi out way to New Orleans and it was definitely NOT the wrong choice. The owner of the ice cream store made the ice cream in the kitchen in the store. It was creamy and the flavors were both interesting and delicious. Plus, they gave us a free sticker so they get an A in our book.

Missouri: Clementine’s Naughty & Nice Creamery

Since we live in St. Louis, this was one that we had to check out. Clementine’s is best known for the “Naughty” ice cream that has alcohol in it. Since we don’t really drink, we figured we would prefer the Nice flavors. We were excited to try this one because the ice cream is actually made by Clementine’s in St. Louis. Unfortunately, it didn’t really meet our expectations. It was good, but not great and we agreed that we would choose Ted Drewes over Clementine’s any day. (Our guess is that it didn’t make the list because it’s not technically ice cream – we didn’t take a picture of our Clementine’s experience, so we used an old Ted Drewes picture since that’s our fave in STL).

Nevada: Dillen’s Family Ice Cream

Dillen's Family Ice Cream

The most popular ice cream shop in Nevada is only a half an hour from Catie’s mom’s house so we drove over there while we were in town dog sitting. The store is cute, has a decent flavor selection, and had trivia games to play while you were eating. They don’t make their own ice cream and one of the owner’s (Dillen, himself) said that there was nothing special about their ice cream. He said that they were popular because of the owner’s interaction with the customers, but we didn’t really buy that because we thought that the other owner (his wife?) was really rude and unpleasant. We liked the ice cream, but it wasn’t anything that we couldn’t get at 10 places between Catie’s mom’s house and North Las Vegas.

Ohio: Diamond’s Ice Cream

The choices here were amazing! They had tons of flavors, including a lot that we hadn’t seen before, and they had popsicles in a bunch of other flavors. You could probably go to Diamond’s every day for a year and get something different every time.  Christie got the horchata ice cream and Catie got hazelnut – both were so so good. If it weren’t a 6 and a half hour drive from our house to Columbus, OH, we’d be heading there for dessert tonight!

Oklahoma: Roxy’s Ice Cream Social

Roxy’s was in a really cool area of Oklahoma City and we knew that it was going to be good as soon as we pulled up because there was a line out the door at 9:00pm. They didn’t have a lot of flavors or specialty items, so we got standard ice cream flavors and they were actually really delicious. We still aren’t really sure why there was a line out the door, but the ice cream was good and the weather was nice so we really couldn’t complain.