about us

In November of 2015, we decided that we were going to radically change our lives. Individually we were unhappy and felt like the lives that we were living had gotten away from us. So, we decided to embark on our upheaval project. We would change everything and make our lives exactly what we wanted them to be.

Here’s the plan:

We used to be the people on the left (May 30, 2016): Overweight, out of shape, ate lots of fast food, over-worked, stressed out, living paycheck to paycheck, and sometimes traveled.

Today we are the people on the right (August 15, 2017): Less overweight, runners, vegetarian, hardworking, proactive, in control of our money, and travel to cool places.

Who we will be in 5 years: Healthy weight, serious runners, plant-based healthy eaters, successful entrepreneurs, calm and relaxed, financially comfortable, and traveling the world.


When we met each other, we felt like we’d found someone who was just the same as us. Since then, we’ve found new hobbies and activities that we enjoy together and have grown to like even more of the same things. We both love Coke Zero, travelling, the Runner’s World podcast, reading, running, and napping and cuddling while watching our favorite reality shows.

Even though we have so much in common, there are a lot of ways that we’re different. Check out our personal bios below.


Born and raised in Saint Charles outside of St. Louis, Catie grew up with her brother as the baby of the family. She loved reading (Harry Potter was her fave!) and was a kickass hockey player.

Now, Catie is a runner who lives with Christie in their house in south St. Louis and loves donuts and Birkenstock sandals. Catie is optimistic, laid-back, and contagiously excited about almost everything.

Doing the laundry, finding yummy vegetarian recipes, fixing iPhone problems, finding us the coolest gear, planning our running routes, and cooking our food are Catie’s main household responsibilities.


Born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago (Arlington Heights!), Christie moved to Saint Louis in 2010. She grew up as the oldest in her family with a younger brother and sister. She loved reading (Sweet Valley High was her favorite) and she was editor of her high school newspaper.

Now, Christie loves playing outside and lives with Catie in south St. Louis and enjoys chips and dip and prefers Chacos to Birkenstocks. Christie is passionate about what she does and knows a little bit about a lot of things.

Doing the dishes, making vacation itineraries, managing the alarm clock, pushing the shopping cart, and doing the food prep when preparing meals are Christie’s main household responsibilities.