It’s Already Thanksgiving???

posted by catie

Our yearly holiday extravaganza began again on Friday with our trek up to Chicago to celebrate Thanksgiving with Christie’s family. And, you know what that means…copious amounts of grocery shopping, food, and cooking!

I love celebrating Thanksgiving with Christie’s family. There’s tons of food and family and it always feels very holiday-ish with everyone jumping in and helping in the kitchen and spending time together. Also, Calyn’s (Christie’s brother’s wife) family comes into town and adds just the right amount of wholesomeness to the mix.

Starting last year, Christie and I did most of the shopping and the cooking and had a great time doing it so we’re more than likely going to continue that tradition.

Thanksgiving with the Carberys is particularly interesting because everyone has to have their favorite thing. Some of which you wouldn’t see at a traditional Thanksgiving meal this far north. Those include:

  • Egg Salad – Christie’s Uncle Ed’s favorite thing. A weird mixture of eggs, cheese, bacon, and Miracle Whip that you have to taste to believe.
  • Hash Brown Casserole – Catie’s family favorite. It just tastes like the holidays.
  • Pea Casserole – A Carbery tradition. Sounds gross, but I promise it’s delicious. The only way to eat it is in its own separate little bowl with plenty of rolls along for dipping.
  • Macaroni and Cheese – Jackiee’s specialty. Noodles. Butter. American Cheese. What’s not to like??
  • O’Henry Bars – A Calyn and Grammy staple. They’re delicious, but the best part is the cuteness that happens in the kitchen whenever Grammy is involved.

We did all of the shopping this morning, but I’m sure we’ll be back to the store in the coming days. We have all of the logistics taken care of (down to the spread sheet of what casserole goes in which oven when) and we’re all feeling optimistic that this year will go off without a hitch. Also, Christie and I will be running our annual turkey trot on Thursday morning (look for a post later), so someone else is going to have to take care of the turkey…coughJackieecough.

Groceries in Car

This year, we’ve modified a few of the recipes to be friendlier to us vegetarians and we’re hoping no one really notices. We tested a few at home in the weeks leading up to this, and everything tastes pretty much the same, so we have high hopes.

Stay tuned later in the week for some of our favorite recipes from this holiday!


    • Happy Thanksgiving! We’re planning on posting a bunch of the recipes that we’re trying. We’ve already made egg salad vegetarian (sub Bac’n Bits for the bacon) and it’s delicious). Are you making anything vegetarian or vegan for your Thanksgiving?


  1. Jackiee…gross.

    I’m thinking about making the green bean casserole as vegan…not sure yet though.
    making the cashew and almond cheeses for pre-dinner snacks


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