The Runner’s World Show

posted by christie


This week starts our Tour de Holidays! In the next 2 months we’ll be in Chicago twice, Las Vegas, and Oklahoma and see over 25 family members to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas. I. Cannot. Wait.

With all these visits comes LOTS of time in the car. Catie and I love spending time driving on trips because it gives us lots of time to talk, listen to music, and we usually get to eat Taco Bell.

The other great thing about road trips is that we got to listen to the Runner’s World Show podcast. We got to listen for 5 hours on Friday! Since we only listen to the podcast on road trips, we’re behind and have lots of old episodes to listen to which is great because they are apparently taking a break and not producing more episodes right now (but more about that later).

The Runner’s World Show is great. It features gear reviews, interviews, stories about everyday runners, and covers any and all running news. We have learned so much about running and the running community through listening to the podcast. And more than anything else, it keeps us motivated to continue training – it’s cool and exciting to be a part of the community.

My favorite parts are the interviews with the elite runners. The lives of elite runners are crazy – most of them run a couple of times a day and then eat and nap during the rest of the time to recover from the runs. It seems obvious, but it’s weird to think about everything you do revolving around running. They have to do the right workouts, get the right rest, and eat the right foods at the right time. Plus, almost every elite runner that they interview talks about how much they respect the everyday runners for getting out there and running when it can’t be the only focus and how they can’t even imagine running for over 5 hours in a row (the amount of time it takes a lot of people to run a marathon).

This podcast is definitely worth checking out if you’re a new runner, seasoned runner, or are just kind of interested in running. But, now for the bad news. In June of this year there were some organizational changes at Runner’s World and the editor-in-chief (who was the host of the Runner’s World Show) stepped down, so the show changed hands. Up to where we’re listening, the show is still just as good as it was before, but in September they announced that they would be taking a break from recording the show. They say that they will be back later this fall with a new name (Personal Best), but they haven’t put anything out yet, so this remains to be seen. *Fingers Crossed* it’s as good as the Runner’s World Show.

Even if the new show isn’t as cool, we still have 8 episodes to listen to and anyone that hasn’t started has 70 episodes to check out!



  1. I was super bummed to hear this! I’ve listened to the new show and I like it, but it’s not quite the same without David Willey (sp?). Thanks for turning me on to this show! Have you guys listed to the Human Race? It’s also by Runners World and has ended recently 😦 There are some pretty incredible stories about how running has changed peoples lives. I wouldn’t really listen to in in public unless you are okay with sobbing uncontrollably in front of others.


    • We haven’t listened to Human Race yet, but plan to when we finally finish listening to the Runner’s World Show. It really wasn’t as good once David Willey (you did spell it right! I just Googled it) left – hopefully they’ll come back with a good format again. Have you heard any details about when it’s coming back?


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