Fruity Smoothie Bowls

posted by christie

Smoothie Bowl 1

I’ve never been one for smoothies. Now, I like a treat from Jamba as much as the next person, but that’s the only way I’ve ever enjoyed a smoothie. As a treat. People who drank a smoothie for breakfast baffled me because I’ve never felt full or satisfied from drinking a meal. And then, you can’t have a smoothie for a snack because the calories are so high that it practically counts as a meal…I’ve just never gotten it.

That is, until we discovered the smoothie bowl.

Smoothie bowls have been around for a while – #smoothiebowl is trending on Instagram with over 1,000,000 views! Smoothie bowls are definitely a thing, and now I understand why. They are DELICIOUS and seriously make me want to get out of bed in the morning for breakfast.

Smoothie Bowl 2

We started making smoothie bowls this summer as a way to cool down after running in the St. Louis heat, and have eaten one pretty much every day since. And for some reason adding some toppings and eating the smoothie with a spoon changes everything and turns a drink into a real meal.

It took a little while to get a solid formula for the perfect smoothie bowl (we definitely had a couple of fails), but the fruity smoothie bowl has definitely become a favorite. You can’t go wrong with this recipe.

Because we’re vegetarian, we’re always worried about getting enough protein from our breakfast and this one rises to the occasion with right around 30 grams of protein per bowl.

I hope that you enjoy this as much as we do!

Fruity Smoothie Bowl

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