Harry Potter and the Basket Full of Alcohol

Awesome Present

posted by catie

Christie’s sister-in-law, Calyn, just celebrated her 29th birthday! Woo! And, how did we choose to celebrate said birthday? With booze and Harry Potter, of course.

As some of you know already (if you don’t, go read our About Us page), I love Harry Potter. Every so often I get the pleasure of reading back through the series and reliving some of my favorite moments. You know who else loves Harry Potter? Calyn! Now, Christie and I already knew that Calyn and Matt (Christie’s brother) loved the saga, but on their last trip to St. Louis we found out just how much Calyn loves it…

She reads through all seven (as a treat) at least once a year, people. That’s dedication and, if I’m being quite honest, makes me feel inadequate as an HP fan.

One important thing to note about Christie and I: once we find out that you like something, we take it and run with it. You like beer? Beer present. Glued to your phone? Emoji gifts for days. Hamilton? That’s all you’ll get. If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of one of our themed gifts all I can say is you’re welcome and, trust me, there’s more where that came from (prepare yourself, Jackiee).

So now let’s get to the real fun – the birthday present! After I found out just how much Calyn loves Harry Potter and with the tribal knowledge that she also loves her a stiff drink, I started doing a little Pinterest searching. That’s where I came across the perfect idea. Harry. Potter. Themed. Cocktails.

I found a great pin of fun sounding cocktails based off of some characters and things from the books (i.e. The Phoenix, The Whomping Willow, Wolfsbane Potion). So, I grabbed a free download of the HP font and some legit clip art and put together some recipe cards for the cocktails. Then we headed to the liquor store which, as neither Christie or I really drink alcohol, was enlightening, but we made sure to grab all of the alcohol and mixers for all of the drinks on the cards so Calyn could have any drink that she wanted.

As I mentioned before, Matt is a well-studied amateur bartender. And, as the only thing missing from our recipe cards was the actual amounts of each ingredient, we were pretty lucky. A quick internet search would more than likely do the same job, though. Most of the cocktails are just well established recipes with fun names (i.e. The White Owl is just a White Russian).

Matt Wolfsbane Shot
Matt getting ready for a Wolfsbane Potion shot

So, all in all, I think it was a pretty successful birthday for Calyn. After the birthday dinner (Lady Gregory’s) and birthday ice cream (Margie’s), we headed home and mixed up some HP goodness.

Calyn & Catie Drinks

Christie and I were tipsy after one drink a piece. Oops.

Harry Potter Drinks

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