4th of July in Chicago


We spent all last week hanging out in the Chicago area. We had a great time and it was a great way to spend our 4th of July and get a little break from the heat in St. Louis. Here’s the recap of our trip!

Day 1: Sunday

We got into town and headed to dinner with Christie’s dad and his wife, Kathy at a Mexican restaurant that Kathy had been wanting to try. When we drove up, we were surprised/worried because the restaurant was in a tiny shopping center and looked questionable (not Dad and Kathy’s usual style!). But, as is usually the case with little places like this, the food was GREAT!

My Cocina

After dinner we headed to Sprinkles in Schaumburg for a much deserved ice cream dessert.

Day 2: Monday

We had to work all day on Monday, so not much to report there. But, Catie got donuts for breakfast, so she was feeling happy.

Dunkin Catie

After work, we went to see the fireworks with Matt and Calyn at the courthouse in Rolling Meadows (you can see the Racetrack Fireworks from here without paying or battling the crowds). Matt and Calyn picked up Panera for dinner, so we got to enjoy a little picnic before the show.

Day 3: Tuesday

4th OF JULY!!

We got up and went for a 4th of July run in our patriotic running clothes and then headed to the Arlington Heights Frontier Days parade. It was really hot and crowded so we didn’t stay long, but we think we saw the important stuff.

Once we were sufficiently sweaty, we headed back to Matt and Calyn’s for a 4th of July BBQ with their friends. Because this was a holiday, we got to enjoy a cheat day and not record our calories (Christie ate WAY too many chips and Catie ate LOTS of Lemon Meringue Pie!!).

We were exhausted all day and were in bed asleep by 8pm.

Day 4: Wednesday

After our VERY HOT track run we made our way downtown on the train to check out the Taste of Chicago. It’s a really easy walk to the train station from Matt and Calyn’s and then an easy walk to the taste, so we didn’t really have to deal with traffic or crowds at all. Much food was consumed.

Day 5: Thursday

We worked all day again on Thursday. We don’t have Netflix, so we took full advantage of Matt’s subscription and watched a horrifying British medical show called Embarrassing Bodies – seriously you need to check this out.

After work, we went out to Brown’s Chicken for dinner and then to play Bocce at Pinstripes with Matt and Calyn. Bocce was definitely a lot more challenging than we expected, but, of course, we started to get the hang of it right when it was time to leave. We also need to mention that we beat Matt and Calyn.


Day 6: Friday

After a quick run (our favorite runs are on Friday!), we packed up all of our stuff and headed home. We got Taco Bell for lunch and it was great.

We got home just in time to make it out to dinner for Catie’s grandma’s birthday celebration with Andrew at the casino.

Grandma Hopes Bday


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